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Here you find tools supporting the building of unit-test-environments (see my white paper on unit-test-automation).


Speedy now one of the fastest databases with SQL-interface and support of secure transactions;

Speedy1 is the application internal version of Speedy; use SQL-power for your programming without the need for the user to install and maintain a SQL-database!

Tools: (W = available for Windows, L = available for Linux)

* Speedy - a client/server main memory SQL-database (W/L)

* Speedy1 - an application internal main memory SQL-database (W/L)

* DB-Viewer graphically view/change Speedy-database contents (W/L)

* DB-Designer - graphical application to design Speedy-databases (W)

* DB-Preparator generates database access functions (W/L)

* DB-Generator transforms database description formats (W/L)

* Zorro - substitute for Unix-tar with new compression format (W/L)

* Remover - fast file and directory-remover (W)

Sample Applications for using Speedy/Speedy1:

* Phone command-line manager for telephone numbers (W/L)

* Planer command-line time-organizer (W/L)

* Store storage for any type and size of information (W/L)


Note: The sample applications exist for the Speedy- and for the Speedy1-database. The Speedy1-based versions only consist of a single executable file. They can be used without installing any database components. Only for the Speedy-based applications you must first download and install Speedy.