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3.8.2003: SQL-syntax description in the user-documentation for Speedy/Speedy1 has been improved (command description for transactions and cursor-selects have been added);


12.7.2003: Version 2.0.1 of Speedy/Speedy1 corrects an error related with the evaluation of sub-selects (i.e. if there is more than one attribute referenced to an upper select in a sub-select then too many result rows are evaluated);


22.12.2002: Version 2.0.0 of Speedy/Speedy1 available with tons of improvements; the database is now suited for databases with hundreds of thousands of rows; performance has been substantially increased (check out DBDir for integer to integer referencing; on my 1800+ AMD PC with 512 MB 133-SDRAM it inserts 30000 rows per second peak and 20000 rows when filled with one million rows – sorry at this place for the lousy speed and some nasty errors before!); indices now accelerate database queries; new example application Planer (a command-line time-organizer); program size has been reduced;


12.6.2002: New web-site design; Speedy logo; BINARY data-type for Speedy and Speedy1; test-environment-functions library added (virtual time, “tolerant” loading/storing Speedy/Speedy1 database contents; support for binary large objects; data compression); tools for generating the database-access-functions (DB-Preparator, DB-Generator); example applications using the test-environment-library for Speedy/Speedy1 (Phone/Phone1, Store/Store1);